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Hippo2626 - Reminiscence

Please read:
This video will mark the end of this chapter of my pen spinning career. It's quite appropriate also that I just passed the 200 subscriber mark. It has been and incredible and amazing journey so far and I want to thank everyone who has supported/helped/encouraged/inspired me to get this far. There are so many people to thank so I won't name everyone but from the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate it!

After months of planning, I have finally decided to start on these projects. I will be deleting most of my videos as I want to revamp my channel to something very different hence this 10 minute video compiling the best of all my combos. The reason why I'm doing this is because I want to produce videos that would aid the pen spinning community more and increase the quality of my videos even more. Therefore, I will be taking a break from filming combos and I will release less videos then I did before.

These are the projects that I will be start on in the near future (Names of the projects are subject to change as their current ones are lame):
1) Linkage Series (Late October)
I'll be breaking this one up into 3 parts, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The linkages won't be common linkages but more unique creative ones.
2) Tutorial Series (Early November)
Note that I will not be doing tutorials on tricks that already have tutorials or those that can be easily self-thought. What I will be focusing on are the more advanced tricks and linkages that I think has a higher demand for.
3) Build Your Own Combo (Late November)
I will make my next few ones bigger and include things like more options and longer combos.
4) Discussion Series (Early December)
This will highlight different issues/concepts/views in pen spinning today. I'm hoping this will be an interactive discussion through comments and forum post.
5) Unnamed Project (TBC)
I have been working on this one for a very long time now. More information will be released later on.
6) Collaboration Series (TBC)
I am currently co-organising and editing some collaborations with other spinners

but I intend to start my own ones.
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Stay tuned for some awesome videos!

God Bless,
Titus Ang (Hippo2626)

Music A Beautiful Exchange by Hillsong

0:00 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 2
0:23 - UPSB Tournament 2010 Qualification Round
0:27 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 1
0:30 - Hippo2626 For Singapore Collaboration 2
0:34 - Hippo2626 For Commonwealth Games Team Singapore Round 3 XPXH
0:38 - Hippo2626 For Blahblah 1st
0:41 - Friendly Pen Spinning Battle: Hippo2626 Versus Chill Versus Inheritance Versus Vaan Versus Jan
0:50 - Hippo2626 For Krytim.ru 2nd
1:16 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 6
1:33 - Hippo2626 For Commonwealth Games Team Singapore Round 2: X Fingerless
2:00 - UPSB Pen Spinning Tournament Round 1: Hippo2626 Versus Saurkk
2:26 - Hippo2626 For JExp No. 6
2:41 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 14
3:00 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 15
3:18 - Pen Spinning League A Division 2011 Round 2: Hippo2626 Versus i.suk
3:41 - Pen Spinning League A Division 2011 Round 1: Hippo2626 Versus Mage In Black
4:06 - Pen Spinning League A Division 2011 Round 3: Hippo2626 Versus Neoknux_009
4:27 - Hippo2626 For Ccw's 1st
4:49 - Hippo2626 For Commonwealth Games Team Singapore Round 2: Body And Environment
4:54 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 12
4:56 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 3
4:59 - Hippo2626 For SPRiNGFiELD 2nd
5:03 - Hippo2626 For Singapore Collaboration 2
5:07 - Hippo2626 For SPRiNGFiELD 2nd
5:11 - Friendly Pen Spinning Spinless Battle: Hippo2626 Versus Freeman
5:15 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 13
5:17 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 8
5:34 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 11
5:53 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 10
6:14 - Hippo2626 For GZSkyrunner 3rd
6:34 - Hippo2626 For 26th August 2010 Birthday Mini Collab
6:53 - Hippo2626 For Funnky 1st
7:00 - Hippo2626 For Nachoaddict 2nd
7:07 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 5
7:12 - UPSB Pen Spinning Tournament Round 3: Hippo2626 Versus Mage In Black
7:15 - Hippo2626 For Blahblah 1st
7:19 - Hippo2626 For TOPS#9 Body And Environment
7:34 - Hippo2626 For Commonwealth Games Team Singapore Round 4: Spinless
8:00 - Hippo2626 Pen Spinning Combo 9
8:17 - Friendly Pen Spinning Battle: Hippo2626 Versus Jamie Enns
8:45 - UPSB Pen Spinning Tournament Round: 2 Hippo2626 Versus Neoknux_009
9:11 - Hippo2626 For sangara's 4 Years Video

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