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Thaispinner on TV

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Guy with Brown shirt: 

"Aah, last time 2 of our guys got 1st and 2nd.[Actually it should be 3rd, though.] And then around 2 years later we won the World Cup, It's the 1st place of the world! We didn't send only one guy, though. It was a team battle. Now.. let's talk with their Chairman, Mr.Jay!"

*Mr.CsPser walks out*
*A guy with black shirt(aka Gigs) introduces Mr.CsPser*

Gigs: "He's the chairman of the Thailand Modded-Pen Spinning Community! Yeah, we actually have a community on the internet. *Takes Mr.SomSak from Mr.CsPser* Well, take a look at the pen! We..used to spin them with normal ballpens, but not anymore. The pens have to be modded, making them heavier and to be more balanced. Sometimes we also spin them when we're bored, but it's evolved. We have Pen Spinnig community on the net, right?"

Mr.CsPser: "Yes, it has been made for 4 years already."

Gigs: "What about the tournament? How does it work? Like we travel to somewhere and spin against people? "

Mr.CsPser: "Ehm, not yet. Because we currently have no sponsors. So we capture the videos on cam and send them online. It's a World Tournament."

Gigs: "You mean, each community record the videos on camera and send them to a website? How many countries were there last time?"

Mr.CsPser: "Er, last year there were 21."
*Everyone says woah"

Gigs: "How many people in Thailand signed up to the tournament?"

Mr.CsPser: "Er, six, I believe."

Gigs: "Six? You mean six people with six videos?"

Mr.CsPser: "No, it was a team. But in each round only 3 videos were required."

Gigs: "What kind of videos?"

Mr.CsPser: "The 1st one was a single battle in Difficulty theme, the 2nd one was a.."

Gigs: "..Easy spinning theme? =o"

Mr.CsPser: "Smoothness theme."
*Everyone said Aaaaaaah.*

Gigs: "How about the 3rd one?"

Mr.CsPser: "That would be Double vs. Double, 2 people in one video as a tag"

Gigs: "And we won the 1st at the tournament?"

Mr.CsPser: "Yes, we won the World Cup."

Gigs: "Alright, today! We have brought our guys from the tournament to the show! What kind of show would that be?"

Mr.CsPser: "4 people show"

Gigs: "Alright, how about the reward from us, what do you guys want?"

Mr.CsPser: "Our boys said they would like to have HD Camera"

Gigs: "How many?"

Mr.CsPser: "1, of course."

*Girls walk out with the cam*

Gigs: "Only if you could get at least 50/100 points from us"
The other guy black shirt[aka Tik]: "And if you failed doing so, you'll get this.."
*Small joke show begins after that*
[Skip to 3:49]

Gigs: "Are you going to join the spinning show too?"
Mr.CsPser: "Ehm, no. Just let the boys do that"

Gigs: "I can't figure out what they will do at the show either.. I mean I can only think of only a few possible tricks right now. They must have special tactics. Ah, looks like they are ready! The Spinning team, ThaiSpinner!"

*Peem, Supawit, Dongza, The Legend were running the show*

[Skip to.. 7:07]

Tik: "Dang, I was bristled up! They're pretty good!"
Gigs: "Hahah, yeah. Okay, now let's get to the vote"

*Comments from the voter*
[7:21]- Only their fingers were moving, and they had a lot of mistakes right there. Um.. I can't give the score, sorry. =(
[7:31]- I was expecting for something more. Well, I'm sorry but I'd say no for the voting
[7:35]- [Pretty much the same with the 1st voter]
[7:39]- No, it should have been something that is more.. exciting to us. Especially for our show.
[7:44]- I always admire someone with an obsession with something and they train it really hard. Yes for the vote.
[7:49]- Your skill was awesome, all of you. Sadly, your asking for the reward was a littleee too much.. I'm sorry but, no. ;O;
[7:56]- No, go back and train more! [Crappiest opinion I've ever listened to in my entire life]
[7:59] No, because they made a lot of mistakes
[8:01] Yes, I give my vote to them. They tried hard for the show.
[Overall, only 2 commentators gave their vote.]

Gigs: "Alright, we've seen the show from ThaiSpinner. They must have at least 50/100 votes to get the camera as reward."

Gigs: "And here it is! They got.............. 20/100"
Gigs: "Aw, it's fine. Probably it wasn't totally matched the voters' expectation at all"

Commentators: "It's because it's only with their finger, and they made too many drops. Also, skills usually come with creativity. It wasn't entertain enough. And their faces were sooo emotionless [lolwut]"

Gigs: "Hahah. Possibilities that only their hands were used when they record videos. They don't capture the face at all."

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