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chrisPS 3rd Year Solo

Hooray for long videos. I think you're gonna encounter *some* typos in the captions as a result of rendering errors (a major one at the end). I think, however I render it, it will still appear as that. Also, I have a feeling it isn't epic as it really is. And I had to stop editing at the this point, because it was lagging my laptop down (that's nearly 2GB of RAM usage for you.)

Anyways, to sum it all up, this is the LONG version of my solo. Yep, it indeed is long. I didn't intentionally (lol liar) make it a sad video at the end, but it's just that this might be the "latest video" I'll have within the next weeks, months, or maybe even years.No kidding. I guess this is kinda like, goodbye? ;(

edited with WMM
Credits to Roy Todd for the piano bit (Child of the Troubles)

So yeah, enjoy the video

P.S. yes, the ending was a bit cheesy.

Соло видео | Добавил PoinT 05.06.2011 | Просмотров: 2585


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