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Frozen Movement "the first step"

Вот коллаб) в который я хотел попасть, но был отфильтрован))))

Fang: Thanks for all spinners, really, I couldn't believe it.... we got ALOT of awsome combo's.
But we didn't had enough space to place them all. So we choose on how the combo's will fit with the music. And this is the result.

Not quit the edit we wanted first, we started 2 month ago already with the "draw"-way edit. But it was still to hard to make. And afther we had the combo's, Afther effects was going to a bit annoying. But now with al the bad luck, we are still happy with the result. Hope you enjoy, rate, and give some feedback we can use.

We are still a beginner edit-team, so don't be to hard to us.

Collaboration Videos | Добавил PoinT 30.08.2011 | Просмотров: 2257


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Бесплатная рассылка новостей из мира Pen Spinning: новые коллабы, соло, уроки и другие видео. А так же новости из магазина и уникальные скидки для подписчиков рассылки.